Learning Log

Kent C. Dodds tweeted about someone’s learning log today. What a neat idea. Blogs can be a lot of work. A log sounds much more manageable.

I had a look at said log and it was intense. There is no way I could keep something like that up. I’d be logging full time.

Hello Code, a software duo from Australia, has these beautiful monthly blog posts where they sum up key metrics from each of their projects. Visitors, signups, profit, the important essentials without all the fluff.

Applying the Hello Code approach to a learning log might work:

How many hours have you spent coding?

I calculate this by using rescue time. Rescue time is an app that keeps rack of what apps you use and what websites you visit. Whenever its a coding specific app like an editor or a website like Github, it logs that time and time spent coding. Not perfect but effortless and good enough for an estimate.

How many Github issues did you close?

Again not a great metric. I don’t use Github issues very much top begin with. You could just raise a bunch of nonsense issues and close them. Also deleting a project will skew this number. Still, there is no incentive to distort the numbers deliberately and its a good enough metric to get a sense of problems I’m solving versus just being aimlessly busy.

Total reputation on Stack Overflow?

I think this is a good indicator of how helpful I am being in the community. There are obviously other ways you can be helpful but I use stack a fair bit so this works for me.

Doing this everyday might not be practical so I’ll commit to doing a weekly post to begin with and see how it goes from there.



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