Active in the status column means the projects are still active.
Updated projects are active but they have been updated beyond recognition.
Stalled projects never launched, for one reason or another.
R.I.P. are projects that launched, lived their natural life and then got shut down.

Completed Project Description For Status
Dec 2018 Cryptominer World Ethereum Collectables Game Sophophilia Studios Active
Sep 2018 Vaayu Vision Website for an adventure centre Vaayu Active
Jun 2018 PeerPlus Online polling app
Aditya Sethia Stalled
June 2018 Kautilya Books Online bookstore
Raju Arora Active
May 2018 Smartspin App to help homeschool children Saar Shai Active
Nov 2017 Realsies Social commitment tracking app Personal Stalled
Oct 2017 Employment portal Online job board Eric Schuster Stalled
Oct 2017 Path App to bookmark online courses Personal Active
Sep 2017 Temple Tree Online souvenir store
Sunita Dhairyam Active
Aug 2017 Ezether Ethereum Exchange Sumukh Shetty R.I.P
Jun 2017 Tamuro Annymous audio chat app Akinori Nakajima Stalled
Dec 2016 Treehouse Clothing Online t-shirt store Lazy eight Active
Oct 2016 Chiaroscuro Testimonial page for an online store Smriti Sain Active
Oct 2016 Alphasheets Spreadsheet app, design only
Alex Zhu Stalled
Sep 2016 Sewing New Futures Online clothing store Kristin Braddock Updated
Sep 2016 Vape Empire Online store Eric Schuster Active
June 2016 Beeminder Commitment tracking app, design only
Case Study
Daniel Reeves Active
May 2016 Capital Partners Infrastructure consultancy website Sunil Tandon Active
Apr 2016 Man To Grand App to connect old people to healthcare providers Solfrid Kleppe Stalled
Oct 2015 Young Presidents Fund Website for an investment firm Al Ismaili Active
Jul 2015 Jazzmin Jiwa Journalism Portfolio Jazzmin Jiwa Active
Jul 2015 Prolifiko App to help you start writing Bec Evans & Chris Smith Active
June 2015 Music Basti Website for a music focused social enterprise Faith Gonsalves Updated
Mar 2015 Tania Rashid Journalism Portfolio Tania Rashid Active
Nov 2014 Kahanibaaz Website for a screenplay house Raju Arora R.I.P
Nov 2014 When Pandas Attack Website for an album launch
Case Study
Ankur Chauhan Active
Sep 2014 Barsoom Bistro Restaurant Website
Case Study
Raavi Chou R.I.P
Aug 2014 Shivangini Tandon Bookmaker’s portfolio Shivangini Tandon Active
Apr 2014 SaladBox Website for a lunch box service Personal R.I.P
2013 Searching For Goodness App that mapped active social projects Skarma Stalled)

Unless it specifies otherwise in the description, I did all of the UI design and development work for each project. Clients provide all the words and any other graphic element that they want to use.

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